Trait Identification

Advantages of Trait Tag

  • Focuses GWAS on active genes to reduce complexity
  • All Trait Tag markers (GEMs and SNPs) are within genes associated with the target trait
  • Removes the barriers to trait mapping in complex genomes by identifying only the active genes (excluding redundant genomes)
  • Does not require genome sequence information, existing marker or mapping information and be used on any arable, horticultural, plantation or ornamental crop
  • Is directly applicable to any existing or new breeding programme
  • Offers new opportunities for exploiting germplasm


  • Uses NGS technology to sequence the active regions of plant genomes
  • By comparing the sequences from multiple breeding lines or wild accessions (diversity sets), new genetic markers can be identified
  • Trait tag exploits the active region (Transcriptome) to reveal sequence variation(SNPs) in genes that are ‘switched on’ (Expressed) to generate Gene Expression Markers (GEMs)
  • The SNPs and GEMs generate from breeding lines or diversity sets can be used in Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS)
  • GWAS studies combine the marker variation with the variation in a plant characteristic (trait) to link a marker with the trait