About Us

Translational Next-generation AgroGenomics – Newly discovered (2012) methods and technologies for rapid and efficient identification and integration of plant traits for increasing yield and resistance to pests and diseases. The Heleogenics team comprises of UK and French experts in plant genetics and breeding

The key members of the team are the inventors and patent holders of HeleoGenics technologies. They have an extensive track record of success in plant genetics, breeding and improvement. Heleogenics Trait discovery technology enables rapid identification and prioritisation of traits in less than 3 months. Heleogenics Genome Editing technology enables rapid, safe and efficient generation of plants with improved traits in less than 1 year. Our technologies and services enable disruptive and quantum level improvements to traits in plants, trees and crops of economic importance. Given the potential impact competitive advantage that our technologies offer, our preferred partners are large Ag companies and Governements